Monday, January 14, 2019

Living in the Snow Globe

The 18/19 snow season has lived up to the expectations.  A year like this really show us why Tom Corcoran felt this was an ideal spot to 

The recent snow events here in the Valley have been great from the Nordic and Alpine Skiing perspective, but this great natural snow cover creates a special set of challenges for our Public Works crew.  More snow means more plowing and salting on the roads and sidewalks.  Once the plowing stops there is additional work to push-back snow banks, digging out fire hydrants and drainage structures, and do the final salt and sand runs on the sidewalks.

DPW crews add another load of salt to a plow truck on a snowy afternoon.

Please be conscious of difficult travel conditions and give the plow vehicles a wide berth.  Visibility from the truck is restricted by plow equipment and the crews are usually working in poor weather situations which limits their view from the truck even more.  The Ski Resort operates a great shuttle bus service - please consider uses that service instead of driving a private vehicle from the Valley to the Ski Area.  The reduction in the number of vehicles helps the Town service roads and clean up after storms

All of the snow hasn't come in large storms.  We have had several events that brought small amounts of snow along with ice and freezing rain conditions.  Even small storms cause our crew to be out early and/or stay late to get and keep our roads safe for residents, property owners and guests.  Our crew has already treated roads for snow and ice issues more this year than in the period November 15 to March 31st of the 17/18 season - and we still have two and a half months to go in this season!

Thank you for your patience as we treat the roads and for your help in keeping everyone safe in winter weather conditions.  Enjoy your time on the slopes or on the trails!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A New Welcome for 2019!

We welcome you to the Town of Waterville Valley, NH - 2019!  This year promises to be an exciting time to enjoy all the Town has to offer here in the middle of the White Mountain National Forest.  We hope you will visit and enjoy our Town and Resort amenities - including the new programs that we are planning for 2019.

For those of you who have not been here in the last month or so, we have a new greeting for you as you enter the Valley!  Here is a picture of our new entrance sign which was installed just before the Christmas holiday.

The sign is very visible from the Tripoli Road/Valley Road intersection and is designed to let new visitors know that there is a community beyond the turn to the Ski Area. 

The circular icons at the bottom of the sign will be used to guide guests around town to key venue locations.  We intend to have businesses install the icons on their buildings to help show guests where the venues are located and we will use the same icons on directional signs on trails and paths to different locations.

We have received suggestions for a message on the back of the sign which is highly visible leaving Town on Valley Road.  We are discussing what the best message is for the back of the sign and we will have something to add to the sign in the spring.

We would like to thank the taxpayers of Waterville Valley for their support of this sign and all of the valuable ideas and suggestions we received during the design of the sign.  We think this is a great addition to our community gateway and a great first step in our efforts to improve signs here in the Valley.