Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Town Meeting Warrant Article Review - Town Operating Budget

Article 19 – To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum $3,803,671 for general municipal operations.  This article does not include appropriations from any of the preceding articles.  The Selectmen Recommend Approval by vote of 3 to 0. (Majority Vote Required)

                        General Government                           $    782,809

                        Buildings & Grounds                          $    118,018

                        Public Safety                                       $    846,002

                        Highways & Streets                            $    357,228

                        Solid Waste & Recycling                    $    301,442

                        Water & Sewer                                   $    393,371

                        Health & Welfare                               $        3,500

                        Culture & Recreation                        $    317,922

                        Conservation                                     $           250

                        Debt Service                                      $    625,053

                        Capital Outlay                                   $      58,076

                        Total                                                  $ 3,803,671

Article 19 - This article proposes to raise funds for the operation of all of the different departments and activities of the Town for the year. All salaries and benefits for all employees (full and part time) are included in this number. All utilities (gas, electric, etc.) are in these numbers. Payments on outstanding bonds and notes as well as the interest on those notes are included in this total.  The Town Report shows the more detailed description of the individual department budgets for your information. You can still get a copy of the report at Town Hall, the Post Office or you can pick one up at the Town Meeting on Thursday. Funding for this article is off-set in part by other than tax revenues like motor vehicle fees and interest on town accounts. The balance comes from general taxation.  Details of revenue estimates are also in the Town Report.

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