Friday, March 3, 2017

2016 Annual Report is Here!

Copies of the FY2016 Annual Report are here at Town Hall and at the Post Office.  Pick up your book, read all the reports from 2016 and prepare for the 2017 Annual Town Meeting.  In case you are wondering what you should be looking for, here is a photo of the cover:

Why read the town report?  Well, it has a lot of information about each one of our town departments.  Find out: how many gallons of water we pumped through our water system; how many gallons of wastewater we treated; how many books were checked out of the library; how many Public Safety Calls for Service there were and what kinds of issues were they called to; and what were all those activities at the Recreation Department?  There are also reports from outside organizations that the Town works with throughout the year.  Many things happen here in Town during the year and this is one of the ways that we use to share this information with you.

If you are technologically inclined, and if you are reading this Blog you might be, we will have an electronic version of the report up on the Town Website by Wednesday next week.

Also, make sure that you bring your copy of the report to Town Meeting - it includes all of the financial and budget information that we will be discussing on March 14th.  At the center of the report there is a yellow page section that includes the Meeting Warrant (agenda) with all of the articles that voters can discuss and approve, disapprove or change. The yellow section also includes a summary of the overall town budget.

A very special note of thanks to Sharon Charron for editing the Town Report.  Sharon has the huge task of bringing together information from 24 departments, boards and outside organizations as well as the WV School District and all of the budget documents.  She then has to review and edit all of the submissions and put them into an understandable format so residents, property owners and guests can use the information to make decisions during the Town Meeting.  Sharon produced a great 120 page document in a little over two months - all by herself!  And while taking care of all of our front counter business here in the office!  It is an immense task that Sharon does very well.  Thank you, Sharon for all of your hard work!

Finally, there is a mystery hidden in the Town Report this year.  Actually, it is not that well hidden, it is pretty much in plain sight.  If you can figure out what the mystery is and what it means, tell me when you see me at Town Meeting and you may win a prize!

You gotta love Town Meeting!  Pure democracy at work!

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