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Zoning Ordinance Proposed Changes - 2017 Town Meeting

The Town of Waterville Valley Planning Board is proposing 9 changes to the Zoning Ordinance as part of the 2017 Town Meeting.  These changes will be part of the written ballot when the polls are open from Noon to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 14th.  The voting will take place at the Recreation Department Gymnasium.

The changes may seem complex but most of them are small changes intended to bring our town ordinance into conformance with NH State Law on land use regulations.  The information below on each of the proposed changes has been distributed around Town and posted on the Town website.

Zoning Amendment Articles
2017 Town Meeting Warrant
March 14, 2017

The Waterville Valley Planning Board is recommending nine amendments to the Town Zoning Ordinance on the Town Meeting Warrant.  The Planning Board has discussed these changes on several occasions and the Board voted unanimously to approve the amendments and move them forward to town meeting for approval.

Below is a summary of each of the articles.  The wording of these articles is complex due to the legal requirements of making the changes.  We hope that the explanations below help clarify the articles for you.

Article 2 – Zoning Amendment Question #1 – Would amend the definition of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) and clarify the review procedures that the Planning uses for a PUD.  The proposed changes would simplify the review process which the Planning Board feels makes the process more understandable without sacrificing the opportunity for full public discussion before a plan is voted on.

Article 3 – Zoning Amendment Question #2 – Asks to amend the definition of a Two-Family Dwelling and requirements within the requirements for the Lower Density Residential District to make them more compatible.  The Planning Board does not feel that the changes modify the basic concept of a Two-Family Dwelling Unit, the changes just clarify the property use with what is currently occurring in town.

Article 4 – Zoning Amendment Question #3 – Has to do with the Accessory Uses paragraph in Article V of the ordinance.  The first change would limit regulation of Antenna and Satellite Dishes to non-residential or multi-family properties only.  In another section of the Accessory Uses paragraph the proposed change would replace the words “nursery or nursery school” with “home day care”.

Article 5 – Zoning Amendment Question #4 – Asks to make limited changes to the regulations on parking by amending existing language to clarify current requirements. 

Article 6 – Zoning Amendment Question #5 – This article would change the regulations to make sure we are following current state law found in RSA 155-E.

Article 7 – Zoning Amendment Question #6 – This article changes the reference to “post-1966” construction and changes it to the proposed, “Northern New England mountain resort-style” construction.  The Planning Board feels that this more accurately describes the architectural appearance that the ordinance is referring to.

Article 8 – Zoning Amendment Question #7 – The Planning Board feels that as long as contractors are properly disposing on construction debris from a job site, they do not need to rent the dumpster from the town.  This is not a practice that the Town is currently requiring so it should be deleted from the ordinance.

Article 9 – Zoning Amendment Question #8 – The Planning Board recognizes that a sign that does not meet our current regulations may need to be repainted or rehabilitated without changing the basic outline of the sign.  This change would allow for maintenance of signs as long as it does not become more “non-conforming” during the rehabilitation.

Article 10 – Zoning Amendment Question #9 – The proposed changes to the wording of the paragraph relating to the Zoning Board of Adjustment are intended to bring the Special Exception paragraph in line with current state statute.

The Planning Board is asking for your vote to approve these changes.  They have been discussing the changes for several months and they are bringing forward only the changes that they feel are essential and have been considered in enough detail to warrant a vote.

The articles above will be voted on during the official (written) ballot period starting at Noon on March 14, 2017 at the Recreation Department.  If you cannot make it to the polls on March 14th, we will have absentee ballots available at Town Hall by March 1, 2017.

If you have any further questions regarding the proposed changes or need information about the absentee ballots please call the Town Office at (603) 236-4730 or email your questions to or

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