Monday, February 27, 2017

Waterville Valley 50th Celebration

On Saturday evening, February 25th the Waterville Valley Ski Resort and the Town of Waterville Valley celebrated a dual 50th Anniversary at the WV Conference Center.  The evening was filled with story-telling and catching up with old acquaintances as over 200 members of the community came together for the social hour and dinner.

One of the special opportunities for me was a chance to see and talk with the other two town managers who have served the Town of Waterville Valley during its 50 year history.  Below is a photo of the three of us together.  Paul Leavitt not only served as the Town Manager in WV for 12 years, he served a total of 50 years in law enforcement in the state of New Hampshire between the towns of Hampton, Waterville Valley and the Grafton County Sheriff's department.  Sally served as the Town Manager for 22 years and had a total of 26 years of service to the community.

All told, the three folks in this picture have a total of 102 years of service in municipal and county government - not bad!

The three Town Managers of Waterville Valley.  In historical order from Right to Left - Paul Leavitt (12 years), Sally Harris (22 years) and Mark Decoteau (15+ years - and still going)

One of the interesting things that I realized during the evening - when Paul started as the Town Manager there was quite literally nothing in terms of Town facilities and infrastructure.  Over the past 50 years, many of the roads, all of the water and sewer system, most of the town buildings and all of the associated other facilities have been built and installed!  With all of the systems that we have in place that has meant a lot of hard work for many dedicated employees and citizen volunteers.  It really is quite a feat when you think about it.

It was a very special evening.  Thanks go out to the dinner coordinators at the Ski Resort - Matt Hesser and Jamie Cobbeett - and the great staff at the WV Conference Center who had the ballroom looking fantastic and put on a really great meal.

The Town will be hosting a summer "Old Home Day" celebration this summer.  The bar has been set very high with this dinner, but we cannot wait to bring the community together for a day long continuation of the Town and all that make it a super place to live and work.

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