Monday, February 6, 2017

Paying Water & Sewer Bills

In addition to being the Town Manager, my responsibilities include being the Tax Collector of the Town of Waterville Valley.  As the Tax Collector I have to make sure that the bills are sent out in a timely manner and that all of the money that is paid gets credited to the correct account.  Each year I have to present a report to the Selectmen on the current balances in each of our tax year accounts.

One question about taxes that we often receive is: Can I make regular and/or partial payments on my tax account with the Town?

The short answer is YES!  We can take payments on any account via credit card on-line, check in the mail or in person, payments across the counter here at town hall, etc.

You can make partial payments on your account at any time.  If you want to make a payment on a specific account just include a note with your check.  If we do not receive a note with your payment, we will apply the payment to the oldest invoice remaining on your account.  When yo upay on line you will be able to select the account that you want to pay.  Please be aware also that there are service charges for the on-line payments and use of a credit card to make a payment.

You can even pay in advance on your account.  If you would like to make payments on a monthly basis, we can track credit balances and we will apply any credit when the water/sewer bill or tax bill is generated.  In this way you can make regular monthly payments and have them applied to your quarterly water/sewer bill or semi-annual tax bill.

If you have any questions about tax payments or the current status of your water/sewer and tax accounts with the Town, please feel free to give us a call.  You can reach us by phone at (603) 236-4730.  You can talk with Sharon, Judy or Mark and get your questions answered.

Thanks for stopping by!  We will be back to you in a few days with some more news and information from the Town of Waterville Valley!

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