Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Introductions Are Order


My name is Mark Decoteau and I have been the Town Manager of Waterville Valley, NH for over 15 years.  Welcome to my blog to help you get to know our Town government!

As a resort community, the Town of Waterville Valley has some unique characteristics.  One of the major characteristics is that most of our property owners do not live in town.  In fact, most of our owners are not here much of the time.  This situation creates one of our major challenges as a local government - communications.

With this blog I hope to share what we are doing within our Town Government.  I want to help you get to know our staff and I want to share our day-to-day activities with you.  We provide many services and we have a lot of projects going on.  I know that many of you aren't aware of what goes on here each day, and you may be interested because some of these things impact you!

With this blog I hope to give you more insight into what we do and the information and services we can provide to you as a resident, property owner and guest here in Waterville Valley.

I look forward to this adventure of sharing.  If you have any comments or questions as we go along, please drop me a line at

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